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Living foods, yeast-free baked goods and healthy snacks. Over the last 15 years Tracey Okonkwo has become an “expert by experience” in the use and power of natural nutrition. Trained by industry leaders, she is qualified to teach the highly therapeutic Living Foods Programme®, where foods such as wheatgrass juice, ferments and germinated seeds are used to regenerate the body. She supports this training with a certification in Cell Level Nutrition, which looks at how naturopathic techniques awaken our cells, to help achieve optimum well-being. 

The Power of Living Foods

Living foods - "Nni na-enye ndụ" ("Food that gives life" - Igbo language)

Crunchy sprouted seeds, refreshing juices, soothing nut milks, a rainbow of fruit, and crisp vegetation. Living Foods deserve their own section, so let's talk about them here. What are they? Living foods are water-rich, enzyme and vitamin-packed plant foods that still have their life force (energy) within them. Many cooked foods have had their life force destroyed, and therefore can contribute to the gradual dehydration of the body.


So, we experiment with germinated alfalfa seeds, powerful juices, emerald in colour, firm and creamy avocadoes, juicy cherry tomatoes and tough black kale, for energizing your body on a scale you never thought possible. A silent and delicious promise of regeneration. Improve the softness of your skin, the shine of your hair, and the strength of your nails, as you come to discover your food has always been your greatest fortifier, energizer, moisturizer, and healer! Simply powerful, living foods often have an immediate and super-nourishing effect, guarantee weight loss, and set you on the path to optimum well-being via nutrition.

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Recent Projects

BEFORE WE BECOME EXTINCT: How Do I Get the Confidence to Wear My Natural Woolly Hair?


Book on Sale Now

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In Before We Become Extinct: How Do I Get the Confidence to Wear My Natural Woolly Hair? Tracey, and her sister Davina address the link between healthy thinking and healthy lifestyle choices. The woolly hair issue on women is currently a major health issue, adversely affecting all aspects of  well-being.

"Healthy living comes from making healthy choices. Healthy choices come from healthy thinking, and healthy thinking from correct belief. Unfortunately we haven't always believed the right thing, and therefore often made the unhealthy choice. In the book we provide the solution to this."

- Tracey Okonkwo

We ask: 

Have I believed a lie about my woolly hair?

Does a negative attitude toward my hair send out a message?

Have I considered the health dangers of not wearing my wool?

What's love got to do with it?

How do I take back my freedom?

What are the 7 steps to wool confidence?

How does exercise and nutrition help me to embrace my wool?

Get keys to true well-being with BEFORE WE BECOME EXTINCT: How Do I Get the Confidence to Wear My Natural Woolly Hair?

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